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Здесь содержится более 104 тысяч книг естественнонаучной направленности общим объёмом около 583.686 Гб (более 30 млн страниц)
We have more than 104 thousand natural science books having total size about 583.686 Gb (more than 30 million pages)

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In english - 42179 books, in french - 791 books, in german - 2045 books, other - 11654 books

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Recent downloads
PC magazine (September 20, 2005)12.9en20051241984
Dowson H.R. Spectral Theory of Linear Operators (AP, 1978)2.5en1978432253
Devereaux C., Lawrence R.Z., Watkins M.D. Case studies in US trade negotiation, v.2.. Resolving disputes (IIE, 2006)1.7en2006391181
Scientific american (November 1998)7.8en199888636
Compagner A. On Inhomogeneous and Metastable States in Statistical Mechanics1.3en1972138187
01 Newtonian Physics5.3-236719
Devereaux C., Lawrence R.Z., Watkins M.D. Case studies in US trade negotiation, v.1.. Making the rules (IIE, 2006)3en2006411183
Devenport G. Mul'tiplikativnaja teorija chisel2.2ru1971200174
Devenport G. Vysshaja arifmetika. Vvedenie v teoriu chisel.0.7ru1965176121
Deveni T., Gergej JA. Aminokisloty, peptidy i belki2.9ru1976364188
Scientific american (September 1998)8.2en199881938
Видеосамоучитель. Запись CD и DVD7.5ru2008176160
Sergeev A. Diff+(S1)S1 as a space of complex structures on loop spaces of compact Lie groups0.1-16187
Sams - Web Programming with Visual Basic1.1--2629
Peck R., Devore J. Statistics. The exploration and analysis of data (7ed., Brooks, 2012)12.1en2012617405
Developments in Applied Artificial Intelligence, 15 conf.(LNCS2358, Springer, 2002)16.6en2002840137
Applied Linear Algebra And Matrix Analysis - Thomas S. Shores1.7en-337795
Funktionalanalysis 0110.5de-54303
Ioannis Karatzas, Steven E. Shreve Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus 5en1987496237
Serge Vaudenay, Amr M. Youssef Selected Areas in Cryptography, 8 conf., SAC 2001 Toronto2.4en2002368242