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We have more than 114 thousand natural science books having total size about 616.791 Gb (more than 31.6 million pages)

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In english - 43646 books, in french - 797 books, in german - 2051 books, other - 20210 books

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Recent downloads
Zhigeng Pan Technologies for E-Learning and Digital Entertainment: Third International Conference, Edutainment 2008, Nanjing, China, June 25-27, 2008, Proceedings 31.1en2008807387
Urban, Owen, Haese. Mathematics HL for the international student (int#l baccalaureate)(2004)8.6en-832298
Alfred Lodge, Oliver Lodge Differential calculus for beginners (1905)3.8en2008318406
Alfred L. Chan Mao's crusade1.6en2001321513
Baliga B.J. Fundamentals of Power Semiconductor Devices (Springer, 2008)(ISBN 9780387473130)13.2en20081085469
Levine W.S. (ed.) The Control Handbook.. Control System Advanced Methods (2ed., CRC, 2010)(ISBN 1420073648)(O)10en20101702352
15 26 860.1-181
Alfred John Menezes Topics in Cryptology -- CT-RSA 2005: The Cryptographers' Track at the RSA Conference 2005, San Francisco, CA, USA, February 14-18, 2005, Proceedings 4.1en2005394543
Путь менеджера от новичка до гуру8-4631138
Rovelli C. Quantum gravity2.52003347130
Levine W.S. (ed.) The Control Handbook.. Control System Applications (2ed., CRC, 2010)14.1en2010883352
Urdang L. The Oxford thesaurus.. an A-Z dictionary of synonyms (web draft)(Oxford, 1994)(ISBN 0191958018)2.8en19912062211
Alfred J. Menezes, Scott A. Vanstone Advances in Cryptology CRYPTO '90 10 conf5.4en1991617361
Alfred J Lotka Elements of physical biology8.4en1956495350
Turton N.D., Heaton J.B. Longman dictionary of common errors (2ed., Longman, 1996)5.5en1996381143
Richard B. Cole Electrospray and MALDI Mass Spectrometry: Fundamentals, Instrumentation, Practicalities, and Biological Applications14.9en2010897419
Levine W.S. (ed.) The Control Handbook.. Control System Fundamentals (2ed., CRC, 2010)4.8en2010788318
Skorobogatiy M., Yang J. Fundamentals of Photonic Crystal Guiding (CUP, 2009)4.6en2009280136
Alfred Cardew Dixon The Elementary Properties of the Elliptic Functions, With Examples: -1894 1.5en2009142390
Alford T.L., Feldman L.C., Mayer J.W. Fundamentals of nanoscale film analysis (Springer, 2007)3.7en2007349547