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Здесь содержится более 104 тысяч книг естественнонаучной направленности общим объёмом около 583.686 Гб (более 30 млн страниц)
We have more than 104 thousand natural science books having total size about 583.686 Gb (more than 30 million pages)

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In english - 42179 books, in french - 791 books, in german - 2045 books, other - 11654 books

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Recent downloads
Albert Einstein Relativity: The Special and the General Theory 1.2en2010152337
HTML Web- 12.1-398451
Matsushita T. Flux pinning in superconductors (Springer, 2007)10.3en200650999
Aldridge I. High-Frequency Trading.. A Practical Guide to Algorithmic Strategies and Trading Systems (Wiley, 2010)2.2en201035410030
Erich Krell Handbook of Laboratory Distillation, With an Introduction to Pilot Plant Distillation7en1981525240
Mejer Cur Kapellen V. ( Meyer zur Capellen ) Matematicheskie instrumenty12.5ru195031856
Matsushima Y. Differentiable manifolds (Dekker, 1972)3.6en1972313115
Frank J. Fabozzi CFA, Pamela Peterson Drake CFA Finance: Capital Markets, Financial Management, and Investment Management4.5en2009833331
Mejer B., Bodue'n K. Metody programmirovaniya. T.22.6ru198228482
Matsusaka T. Theory of Q-varieties1.2-16840
Pierce J. An introduction to information theory.. Symbols, signals and noise (2ed., Dover, 1980)1.9en1980316150
Dey D., Rao C. (eds.) Handbook of Statistics 25.. Bayesian Thinking.. Modeling and Computation (ISBN 0444515399)(Elsevier, 2005)8.3en20061044405
Arteha S.N. Kritika osnov teorii otnositel'nosti.1.1ru2004222186
Belytschko T. Nonlinear Finite Elements in Design2.1en-662311
Alekseev S.P. i dr. Bor'ba s shumom i vibraciej v mashinostroenii.1.9ru1970106194
Mejer B., Bodue'n K. Metody programmirovaniya. T.13ru198227257
Meissner Ulf-G., Plessas W. (eds.) Lectures on Flavor Physics (LNP0629, Springer, 2004)1.2en200422458
Matar S., Hatch L.F. Chemistry of Petrochemical Processes (2ed., Gulf Pub., 2001)2.6en2001405190
Meiss J.D. Differential Dynamical Systems (SIAM, 2007)5.4en2007435127
Matsuo T., Hasegawa Y. Realization theory of discrete-time dynamical systems (LNCIS0296, Springer, 2003)1.7en2003240112